People’s Pride Southampton started out as a dream!

A small collective of LGBTQ+ people and their allies trying to change things for the better, trying to create a community with true cohesion! 

Not only amongst the LGBTQ+ community but through the community as a whole!.

Not only do we offer a 100% free community festival every year, but we also

run a weekly outreach program in Southampton city centre offering valuable

support and advice to members of the LGBTQ+ community… and of course

to anyone who asks for it regardless of sexuality or anything else.

We are here to buck the trend of Pride organisations who seem to have a

primary focus on money, controlling diversity, corporate sponsorships,

and all that jazz!

We are accessible to all, we will never take on corporate sponsors outside of working with local community businesses that we can support in exchange, we are different! We create events where every single person can be involved!

                                                                                       We believe that we are part of a bigger community… of course, we can have our                                                                                             own community, if there’s a knitting circle then why not a group for LGBTQ+                                                                                                     people? However, unlike most LGBTQ+ charities we support our local community;                                                                                         if you are bi, gay, straight, poly, [insert your identification here] and we can help                                                                                           you then we will!

                                                                                       We actively work with and integrate disabled, neurodiverse, bame community                                                                                                 members and Trans community members because all too often these sectors of                                                                                           society are not thought about, be it in the mainstream or the LGBTQ+ community.

                                                                                      We also offer mental health services, free of charge,  to increase people’s mental                                                                                         health, wellbeing, and on-going mental stability.

                                                                                      The way we see things is that through education, support, and much more we                                                                                                can slowly create a community where LGBTQ+ people and non LGBTQ+ people                                                                                               can live side by side in harmony fully integrate into society.




We are quite simply,  proud to be different! 









As for our funding, that we have been struck massively by covid-19 and have had to postpone our annual event three times. We have been unable to fundraise with the exception of a few stalls, but due to us not being commercially funded, we desperately need your help!

We provide a two-day event, with two stages of live music, family entertainment, on-site learning zones, speakers corner, party games and so much more! (We’ve even got a bouncy castle this time)

This event is completely free to all members of the public LGBTQ+ or… not

This event costs us £7,500… we have currently raised just over £2,000… we are asking for any help you can offer to ensure that this essential community event goes ahead!

Particularly coming out of COVID-19 restrictions and the urgency of helping people get back into society, we believe that having to cancel this event would be devastating to our community!

If you can help with that you can click here to see all the ways to donate, We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

We have already built a massive network of charities and community groups some are
LGBTQ+ specific and others are not, as we do not feel that in every case and often find that
some LGBT+ people would like simply to be able to go and seek support from nonspecific

LGBT+ support groups and so on.


This is where we can signpost people to these nonspecific yet safe support options,  further

increasing the community cohesion aspect.


We would love to eventually build a one-stop-shop of LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ safe community

groups all working together for the same purpose as we have mentioned and with our

determination, we will one day get there.



                                                                                                   In the meantime our aim is to continue networking with other groups,                                                                                                                  building accessible events, carrying outreach sessions, and most

i                                                                                                   importantly making sure everything we are doing is always fully accessible                                                                                                       to all, and therefore creating community cohesion and getting the most                                                                                                             disadvantaged people reintegrated into the community.


                                                                                                     We would also like to point out that we are by no means a charity that has                                                                                                         bags of staff and so on, we are simply a group of LGBTQ+ volunteers and                                                                                                             allies that aim to make the community we live in a better place to live side                                                                                                         by side with others.

                                                                                                     If you would like to join us, please click here, you are most welcome. 

                                                                                                    If you can help us in any way please get in touch by clicking here.

                                                                                                    Thank you.

LGBT Woman.jpg

We believe in LGBT+ people being visible all year round, We are not only aiming for that, but we are making it happen! 


Our Mission



  • Connect people & organisations to the support, community, and information they need, when they need it.

  • Build a strong community and safer environment for LGBTQ+ people, their friends, families, and allies.

  • Change attitudes and behaviours so that the LGBTQ+ community is entirely integrated into the wider community, we are people too.

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Our Vision

  • To build the biggest interconnected collective of LGBT+ organisations in Southampton & the surrounding areas

  • To support LGBT+ people, their families, and allies all year round

  • · To have the biggest non-commercial, accessible pride event in the UK

  • · To make ALL of our events accessible to the entire community including but not limited to transgender community members, the neurodiverse, and the disabled community, who are all too often left behind.

We Need Your Support Today!