Community Equipment Hire

We have a range of good quality equipment for hire, available to not-for-profit community groups based in Southampton and the surrounding areas. 

We are always expanding this range, so if you are looking for something in particular, please let us know.  You can do this by contacting us here


We cannot hire our equipment to businesses (other than for charity fundraising events), to individuals for private use, or to groups outside the area as defined above.

Please see our F.A.Q page by clicking here.

To see details of all our equipment, have a look below.​

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Heavy Duty Folding Catering Tables (6ft)

-Folds-in Half with a secure locking mechanism for complete strength
- Fold-away legs and "drop lock" hinges preventing collapse
- Folds flat for easy transport and storage
- Lightweight and easy to carry
- Comfortable carry handles

We have 9 of these available for hire.

Hire Costs:

Day: £2.00 Per Table


Weekend: £3.00 Per Table

Week: £4.00 Per Table

Two Way Radios (Licence Free)


  • 50 Hour Standby

  • 40-48 Hour Usage

  • 5km Range / 3 Miles

  • CTCSS and DCS encryption mode to keep content safeguarded

  • 16 Channels

The hire of these two-way radios is in pairs for obvious reasons.

We have 31 pairs available to hire. ​They also come with headsets,

belt clips, and carry straps attached.

Hire Costs:

Day: £3.00 Per Pair

Weekend: £3.50 Per Pair

Week: £6.50 Per Pair

Megaphone with Siren & Record Playback Function. 1000m Range / 40W 


Powerful megaphone with built-in 40W amplifier and removable anti-feedback microphone. Features a record function, adjustable shoulder strap, siren function, and volume control. Distance 0.7 - 1km depending on the conditions.

We have one of these available for hire.

Hire Costs:

Weekend: £5.00

Week: £10.00

Plastic & Metal Folding Event Chairs
  • Lightweight tubular metal frame with a plastic seat, back, and feet.

  • These chairs are ideal for use in places where storage is an issue as they fold completely flat and stack very tightly.

  • These chairs are in well-used condition but the chairs are still in full working condition.

  • Each chair is 81 cm high, 45 cm wide with a seat height of 45 cm

We have 50 of these available for hire.

Hire Costs:

Day: £5.00 Per 10 Chairs

Weekend: £9.00 Per 10 Chairs

Week: £15.00 Per 10 Chairs

3m x 3m Pop Up Gazebo (commercial, can be used at markets etc).


  • A 3m x 3m Commercial Gazebo suitable for use at council markets and other such environments.

  • 40mm x 40mm hexagonal aluminium legs

  • Five Adjustable Height Settings

  • Height of Peak – 3280mm (on highest setting)

  • Sides if Needed

Hire Costs:

Day: £10.00

Weekend: £15.00

Week: £25.00

Rainbow Hook A Duck Game


A game one of our volunteers at People's Pride Southampton put together.
Another great fundraising game, we have taken over £1,000 at £1 a go with this.


The game comes with:

  • 60 Weighted ducks

  • 10 x Poles to catch the ducks

  • Pool for ducks

  • Pump

  • Game Signs - (No prices on the game signs, so you can set your own)

Hire Costs:

Weekend: £10.00

Week: £15.00

Heavy Duty 3M X 3M Pop Up Gazebos


3M X 3M Heavy Duty Gazebos which can be supplied with or without sides. They are waterproof and also have UV protection.

We have 7 of these available for hire.

Hire Costs:

Day Rate: £5.00 per gazebo

Weekend: £10.00 per gazebo

Week: £15.00 per gazebo

3M x 6M Heavy Duty Pop Up Marquee 


A huge 3M X 9M Heavy Duty Marquee.
Due to its size we recommend not using in high winds.


This is again supplied with sides and we have 3 available to hire.

Hire Costs:

Day: £10.00 per  gazebo

Weekend: £15.00 per gazebo

Week: £20.00 per gazebo

Coconut Shy 


A great laugh and a good money earner,  this comes hires to you fully

supplied with all you need. Coconuts can be supplied at 70p each.

This setup comes with a safety net, gazebo, 10 coconut stands

& Signs with no price, so you can set your own.


Coconuts can be purchased from us at 70p per coconut, they come in bags

of 50 minimum from a local Southampton wholesaler. 

Hire Costs:

​Day: £15.00

Weekend: £25.00

Tensa Crowd Control Barriers


Retractable crowd control barriers, ideal for sorting q's, or
stopping people from walking past certain points on your stall, etc,

We have 5 of these available for hire.

Hire Costs:

​Day: £5.00 per barrier

Weekend: £6.00 per barrier

Week: £8.00 per barrier

9 Litre Urn


A 9 litre capacity urn capable of boiling water and keeping it warm. 

We have 1 of these available for hire.

Hire Costs:

​Day: £5.00

Weekend: £10.00

Week: £15.00

Inflatable Rainbow Arch

A 20ft x 10ft Rainbow Arch supplied with blowers.

We have 1 of these available for hire.


Hire Rates:

​Day: £10.00

Weekend: £20.00

Week: £25.00

Giant March Progress Flag 

An 18ft long x 6ft Progress Flag for pride marches etc.

We have 1 of these available for hire.

Hire Rates:

​Day: £10.00

Weekend: £20.00

Week: £35.00

Mobile Hand Sanitizer Stations 

Mobile hand sanitizer stations, that can hold up to 1 litre of
hand sanitizing gel. They run off of batteries. 

We have 10 of these available for hire.

Hire Rates:

​Day: £5.00 Per Station

Weekend: £10.00 Per Station

Week: £25.00 Per Station

Temporary Fencing & Stakes

1 Metre high yellow event fencing by 100 metres in
length supplied with 20 stakes. These are great for
Temporary fencing is needed at events. 

We have 1 set of these available for hire.

Hire Rates:

​Day: £10.00

Weekend: £15.00

Week: £25.00

Portable Floodlights

Tripod Twin Site Lights

Tough cast aluminium housing, protective bulb shields
with steel bars. Telescopic tripod, extends from
1.3-1.9m high. IP54 rated. Uses R7S 230V
118mm 400W linear halogen bulbs.
2.4m power cable. 2 x 7000 lumen output

Hire Rates:

​Day: £10.00

Weekend: £15.00

Week: £25.00

More equipment is to be added soon. If you can not find what you are looking for, please just email us at


We can also supply bouncy castles, candy floss machines with attendants, popcorn machines, and much more via one of our partners at reasonable rates, If you are interested in this please ask us by contacting us on 07413 156918.

Our equipment is only available for hire to community and voluntary groups based in Southampton and the surrounding areas.


The booking form is a request only. We will check whether the equipment is available on your selected date/s and contact you to confirm your booking.

Please don’t assume you have booked any equipment until you hear from us.  

After submitting this form you should be redirected to a message that says “Thank you, we will contact you shortly to confirm your booking”. If you do not see this message, your form has not been submitted – please contact us to make your booking.


If, after submitting your request, you have not heard back from us within four days, please contact us to check that your request has come through.