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This is where you can meet the awesome humans who make People's Pride Southampton what it is. We have this page as we were once referred to by one person as "the straight people's pride", yes we did have a laugh at that too! Over 90% of our board and committee are LGBTQ+. 

Here you can find out some interesting little snippets about our awesome family! Want to expand our family?, Then please click here to see all of our current vacancies and join the family, you will be welcome!

Jake R


Pronouns: He / Him

Jake is the founder and current chairperson of People's Pride Southampton, he is usually running around and in his spare time loves theme parks, as he is a bit of an adrenaline junkie!


Matty T


Pronouns: He / Him

Matty is the current  vice-chairperson and a board member of People's Pride Southampton. He also assists with the running of New Forest Pride, so is very busy!


Ninn G


Pronouns: She / Her

Ninn is one of our board members and our secretary.

My hobbies are rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing hedgehogs, making epoxy resin jewellery, listening to rock music, people watching, and taking academic courses “just because”. Avid campaigner for conservation, specifically the impact on Hedgehogs and their environment and disability rights. Has a total dislike for bad grammar, rudeness, and ignorance.


Barbara W

Membership Secretary

Pronouns: She / Her

Barbara is one of our board members and our membership secretary. She enjoys long walks, good wine and dislikes bad spelling and grammar!


Nat W


Pronouns: He / Him 

Nat is our Treasurer and a board member too. When he is not working with us, he can be found buying bike parts. filling up Jake's house.  He can often be found BMXING / riding around the city. 

Fun Fact: Nat is related to Lucinda Lashes.


Wilson B

Legal Team

Pronouns: He / Him

Wilson is our legal eagle, He helps with any legal issues as well as drawing up any legal documents we need.

He also assists the community with his legal expertise and knowledge with his Landlord and Community Social Housing Panel


Lisa F

Safeguarding Officer

Pronouns: She / Her


Lisa is our safeguarding officer. 

When She is not doing that She is also a childminder. She is also an avid Saints fan!


March Coordinator - Vacant

PP Badge with Bleed.png

Huw E

Trustee / Advisor

Pronouns: He / Him

Huw is a board member. 

As well as this, he is a very successful businessman running a string of community projects and his pub The Angel in Southampton.


William S
Video Team Manager


Pronouns: He / Him

Will is our video team manager, he creates all of our video content, live streaming, and much more besides. 

He has also goes to University in Southampton too.


Ash B


Pronouns: He / Him

Ash is one of our bid writers, and also helps to run our safe spaces campaign.

In his spare time he also runs Trans-Verse among may other awesome community projects raising awareness of the Trans community.


Berenice T


Pronouns: She ./ Her

Berenice is our other bid writer and also helps out where it's needed.

When Berenice is not working for us she can also be found helping out the board game café in Southampton.


Dan R

Artist Booking Manager

Pronouns: He / Him

Dan is our artist booking manager. 

As well as this he is a fulltime artist himself, works alongside HUw  doing a lot of community projects, and helping artists with many other things too!

Levi W


Pronouns: She / Her

Levi is a volunteer with us as well as working on the safe spaces campaign we run too.  

In her spare time, she enjoys running and walks. 


Joey W


Pronouns: He / Him

Joey is a volunteer for us and also assists with the safe spaces campaign. 

In his spare time, you will find him making awesome trans awareness content for Twitter, seriously, follow him! It's amazing!


Jack C

Press Officer


Pronouns: He / Him

Jack is our press officer and deals with all press enquiries as well as releasing all of our news to do with the charity and much more.


Stall Bookings Coordinator - Vacant

PP Badge with Bleed.png

Laura S



Ollie R

Stage Manager / Advisor


Nicky S

Official Photographer


Matty T
Youth Coordinator 

Pronouns: He / Him

Matty is the current  vice-chairperson and a board member of People's Pride Southampton. He also assists with the running of New Forest Pride, so is very busy!


Social Media - Vacant

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"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can not change the world - it's the only thing that ever has!"


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