Meet The Team

Here you can virtually meet the team that works behind the scenes bringing People's Pride to life. Without these people, we would be lost!

Micheal G     He / Him

Role: Acting Chair Of Board

Bio: The reason I joined the charity is to help promote and change people's views on the LGBTQIA community with more conversations and somewhere people can come to ask questions and be heard.



Role: Vice-Chair Of Board

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Joe H     He / Him

Role: Trustee

Bio: Coming Soon.


Nat W     He / Him

Role: Trustee / Treasurer /  Youth Officer 

Bio: Coming Soon.


Chris Blake     He / Him

Role: Trustee

Bio: Coming Soon.


Kestral G     She / Her

Role: Trustee

Bio: Kestral is an author, musician, interdisciplinary technologist, creative, and mental health advocate with a passion for creating experiences that bring people together to learn and grow.


A staunch advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Kestral is often found pushing for change through activism, education, and support.


Mabel W     She / Her

Role: Chair Of Committee

Bio: Interested in science, and a conessuier of chocolate.


My favourite part of the charity is seeing everyone at our outreach stalls.


Vice-Chair - Committee -Vacant

To apply for this role please click here to become a member, then click here to apply.

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Jake R    He / Him

Role: Community Officer / Founder


Bio: 16+ years of event organising experience, enjoy being given free chocolate by Mabel on the stall. My favourite part of the job apart from organising events is reaching out to the community and reading such nice feedback, showing we have changed lives. 


Carolyne D    She / Her

Role: Ballot Officer 

Bio: Coming Soon.

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Andrew H    He / Him

Role: Unite The Union Rep

 "I believe that all LGBT+ people deserve dignity and respect at work and in our communities.


That's why I'm a proud trade unionist and believer in the adage: 'Pride is political; Pride is a protest!'"


Luke     He / Him
Role: Youth Rep

Bio: Luke is our Youth Rep. He is responsible for coordinating all of our youth members and also works on producing events just for them with our support. 

You can reach out to him on our Facebook page. Or email him below.

Safeguarding statement: all his emails are remotely monitored.


Adam L     He / Him

Role: Committee Member

Bio: I am autistic and would like to help people understand and open their minds to Neurodiverse people in the LGBTQIA+ community. I also like to advocate more support for neurodiversity as a whole.

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Social Media Moderator -Vacant

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Photography & Video Team

Studio 13 is our official media partner and supplies all our photographers. 

Barbara W     She / Her

Role: Membership Secretary / Data Protection Officer

Bio: Coming Soon.

Tracy A    They / Them

Role: Stall Bookings Coordinator

 I enjoy Performing arts and do around 2 shows a year, I’m Non-binary and semi-bisexual. I also like making new friends.

Tracy H.jpg

Tommy L     He / Him

Role:  Committee Member

Bio: I am proud to be part of the LGBTQIA community. I also like pushing the boundaries of gender conformity.



Charlie B     He / Him

Role: Social Media Manager

Bio: I’m Charlie, a 20-year-old trans guy. I’m currently studying history at uni, and I love writing and music!


I run all the social media at People’s Pride and I love interacting with you all online.


Ash B     He / Him

Role: Bid Writer

Bio: Coming Soon.


Berenice T     She / Her

Role: Bid Writer

Bio: Coming Soon.



Role: Artist & Stage Manager

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Lisa Fricker     She / Her

Role: Safeguarding Officer

Bio: Coming Soon.


Joey W     He / Him

Role: Workshop Coordinator

Bio: I'm Joey, the kind of trans fat the media doesn't warn you to keep out of your diet!


I'm a transgender man on the asexual spectrum and got involved with People's Pride once I realised how unfriendly many pride events were to trans people, neurodivergent people, and other people who should always be welcome at Pride.


I'm proud to be a part of People's Pride for local empowerment!


Kirsten R     She / Her

Role: Secretary / Legal Advisor

Bio: Coming Soon.


March Coordinator - Vacant

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Wiliam G     He / Him

Bio: Coming Soon

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Steve B

Role: Committee Member

Bio: Coming Soon.

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Lucy B     She / Her

Role: Committee Member

Bio: Coming Soon.

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Lizzi L     She / Her

Role: Committee Member

Bio: Coming Soon.


Dr. Sophie Cook     She / Her

Role: Ambassador

Writer, speaker, actor, broadcaster & photographer.


LGBT & mental health campaigner. Hon Doctor of Letters. RAF veteran.


Self-harm and suicide survivor. 13th most influential figure in Brighton, apparently… oh, and transgender.

Peter Tatchell     He / Him

Role: Ambassador

A fine gentlemen and award winner on Human rights, the man who turned down knighthoods and is an avid human rights campaigner across 54 years and even has his own Netflix documentary!

Peter Tatchell was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1952 and has been campaigning since 1967 on issues of human rights, democracy, civil liberties, LGBT equality and global justice.


His human rights inspirations include Mahatma Gandhi, Sylvia Pankhurst and Martin Luther King. In 2009, he co-proposed a UN Global Human Rights Index, to measure and rank the human rights record of every country – with the aim of creating a human rights league table to highlight the best and worst countries and thereby incentivise governments to clean up their record and improve their human rights ranking.

In 2021, a documentary about his life, Hating Peter Tatchell, began streaming on Netflix. The same year, he coordinated the first and very successful Reclaim Pride march, which sought to get Pride back to its roots, with corporate sponsorship being replaced by a grassroots community and human rights focus.

This is why we love him and he is our other ambassador of People's Pride Southampton.