Calling all LGBTQ+ Artists

LGBTQ+ Positive Voices Exhibition

LGBTQ+ artists and creatives are invited to contribute to an online exhibition, launching in June 2021, as a celebration of their positive experiences, lives and perspectives.

Contributors aged 18 and over are welcome to submit visual or audio art and creative works to the LGBTQ+ Positive Voices exhibition. Contributions from amateur, hobby, DIY artists, crafters and creatives, those who do not consider themselves to be artists or creatives, and those who have never submitted to an exhibition before are especially welcome.

Ash Green, exhibition organiser, who is a Surrey based creative and also a Committee member for a national LGBTQ+ Network, said:

This is partly inspired by my experience of visiting LGBTQ+ exhibitions, and engaging with collection items and art works that helped me gain a better understanding of myself by seeing others like me represented in them. At the same time, some of the personal stories shared alongside exhibition items made me feel as if I had a positive future as a trans/gender non-conforming bisexual person. I want this exhibition to be a space that will allow other people to share and experience creative works that are a positive reflection of being an LGBTQ+ person.

The call for submissions is now open and closes on 31st May 2021, with the online exhibition opening mid-June 2021.

For more information and to contribute visit:

Ash Green (LGBTQ+ Positive Voices exhibition organiser)

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