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Pride done in an old, but new way!

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Hello and a warm welcome to a Pride event with a huge difference, we put people before profit! Our event is all about accessibility and full-on inclusion, for too long the privileged members of society have ousted the less privileged and we don't like it. So what can you expect from us, that is simple, a completely different way of doing things, and this is just the start.

People's Pride is exactly what it sounds like, the people's. We are fully community-led, we work all year round to make sure LGBT+ people are visible, why should LGBT+ people only feel able to be visible once a year?! Our Pride event will include all!

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June 2022

Palmerston Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 1LL





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People's Pride Southampton, c/o 66 Hampton Towers, Southampton, SO19 9PD


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Tel: (+44) 07413 156 918

People's Pride Southampton

A charity in Southampton offering accessible events, support services & much more for LGBTQ+ individuals, their family members, friends, and allies. 

EmaIl: info@peoplesprideuk.com

Phone: (+44) 07413 156 918
WhatsApp: (+44) 07413 156 918
Registered Charity: 1191841

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